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BS-800 M Modular Chemistry Analyser

Rp110,000,000 Rp90,000,000

  • Large Test Menu – Up to 4 reagent formats
  • High Through-Put – Generate patient results faster
  • STAT Function – Fast Lane for STAT Rack on SDM
  • Reflexive Testing – Programmable to minimize wait time for results
  • Serum Indices – Alerts to integrity of sample from hemolysis, icterus, or lipemia
  • Sample Clot Detection and Reagent Bubble Detection
  • Carryover Prevention = Confidence in Results
  • Scalable – Add a 2nd 800M system to double sample and through-put capacity
  • Probe Collision Protection (vertical & horizontal) with auto-recovery function minimizes operator time
  • Largest Number of Sample Positions – Operator doesn’t need to feed samples as often
  • Built-in backup should the SDM or sample carousel malfunction
  • Auto-Dilute and Pre-Dilute Functions are programmable saving operator time
  • Five color-coded racks to facilitate STAT, Routine, Calibrator, Control, and Re-Run samples
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BS-800 Modular System combines innovation and high performance into an integrated solution. With an expandable platform, an ever more complete line of chemistry reagents, as well as calibrators and controls, our new solution package can be tailor made to your needs. Innovative technologies built in also ensure your solution is accurate, convenient and cost-efficient


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